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Kingdom Building.

REZUM is one of the Chicagolands very own CHH/ Gospel Artist and evangelist. He is on mission to bring the Gospel to the youth in a practical way through New Age music and through fresh testimony of what God is doing in His life. He also aims to help children with autism understand their worth and God given calling. He believes that even when there is so much goin on in the world today, we can turn to God to discover our true identity and purpose in Christ. REZUM recently released a 3 song EP called ”Home,” A hit single called “Let’s Eat,” and an album called “Jesus Freak.” He has also collaborated with various artists, featuring in songs with brothers in Christ who are on a similar mission. Although his birth name is Austin Szumigalski, the name “REZUM” is very special to Him as he asked God to give him a special name to release music that would lead them back to Christ. Before he got saved he was empty and felt like his life was on pause but after he surrendered his life to God, it was like someone pressed play in his life. Also the “RE” comes from his moms maiden name “Reeves” and the “ZUM” comes from his dads last name “Szumigalski.” This remains very dear to him because his parents divorced at a young age and moved 12 hours apart with his mom in Oklahoma and dad in Chicago. Aside from all of this he is the CEO and owner of remodeling company “Red Letter Remodeling,” and is a loving husband and father to 3 beautiful children.

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